I’m a white cisgender heterosexual grad student with no guts. That’s right. I’ve had eighty-five percent of my colon removed ten years ago and I’ve been cranky as hell ever since. My doctor says I have the body of an eight-five year old man, and I’ve got the hump on my fused neck, extra tailbone (like a caveman), sour disposition, and rickety hips to prove it.

I’ve some  bad shit happen to me in life Who hasn’t?): abuse, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and chronic illness — but I am so grateful for the chance to live my life, something I never thought I would be able to say. I have had some amazing opportunities, like studying abroad in Sweden, and I am currently working on my masters in English— specifically Creative Nonfiction. This fall I will begin a graduate Teaching-Assistantship, and I will be teaching my first class ever.  After I finish my masters I’m going to pack up my black lab Maddie and pursue my PhD in creative writing— hopefully abroad or anywhere that is not the Midwest.

Besides women’s health issues I enjoy writing about feminism, patriarchy, hegemony, health care, human rights, xenophobia, and religion.

PS: If you see a typo, quit F-in around and just tell me.


Maddie enjoying the spring weather.




One thought on “ME ME ME ME ME ME ME

  1. “Most of the time
    I still see the beauty
    and how
    the possibility of that beauty
    may one day encompass
    that same, sore space,
    the beauty meant
    to inhabit that place
    leading you to a rich life
    returning to re-inhabit
    the years the locusts ate.”

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